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I’m not that huge on Sun Spectacles, I don’t wear them at all and don’t remember the last time I wore some. I like to be able to see whats going on around me and I just think they hinder my abilities to get my peripheral viewing on. Nothing against those who do the Sun Specs unless you are in the disco with the shades on. Then I kind of think you may be doing to much. That’s neither here nor there Super and WESC got together on a pair of Sun Spectacles that came out great. If I ever actually needed to wear a pair like if I’m in Miami for a Heat game and wanted to stop on the beach in my chancletas, I would throw these joints on. These sunglasses are limited in supply and will only be available at select accounts.

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Im going speak on the King for a sec I know some are upset or just mad that Lebron went through this spectacle to choose his next destination.  I know some have distaste in the fact that he left Cleveland with him being the hometown kid. Well in the words of Amber Rose ” I KNOW it burns Babygirl but you gotta let it burn. Stay Strong Ma it’s gonna be aight ;-)

Lebron don’t owe nobody nothing we criticize athletes for taking the money over winning and now that an athlete is choosing winning and happiness over money we stone him at the Q, Child Please.  I’m going to depart on a comment by Dime Mag reader Reno “Correct me if I’m wrong but when you bout to play ball and you picking up squads, aren’t you picking up the best possible team that you can to stay on the court all day? Or you trying to be calling ‘next’ all day? Well that’s what Lebron just did and people killing him for it.” Lebron trying to run the court with the best not wait on dude to pick him up after he continues to lose.

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